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Happiness (2015)
120 x 160 cm. Mixed media, acrylic, gesso, oil paint.
Painted on the sunniest of blue sky days in my beautiful studio listening to the birds singing in a state of total oneness with nature and beauty. The painting is a sweet mix of soft colours and child-like innocence arrived. With snow flakes falling like manna from the fingertips and golden rain dropping from the hair of this dreamlike Alice mouse.

Lazy Kenwood afternoon (2005-15)
64 x 49 cm. Oil on canvas.
This framed oil painting draws the viewer's
eye to the middle where it can rest in a field of sunny green.

Waiting (2014-15)
100 x 80 cm. Oil on canvas.
Featuring a red handbag, the woman is waiting slightly uncomfortably in a cliche of romantic flowers. There is an uncertainty to what she is waiting for but there is a sweetness and innocence to the scene.


Buddah with small monkeys (2015)
100 x 80 cm. Oil on canvas.
In the depths of winter I was dreaming of a sunny place to escape to and this painting just arrived on my canvas. Month later whilst on a yoga retreat in india, I was meditating and found myself surrounded by monkeys, for real. Amazing the power of creativity for visualising the future.

The never ending painting (2010-15)
100 x 70 cm. Oil, acrylic and gesso.
I finally finished it!
This painting sat in my studio for years and every so often I added to it its thick and textured and there is so much of me in this. From a black background the colour grows through.

Autumn studio view Harefield (2015)
40 x 60 cm. Oil on canvas.
My glass studio on the banks of the Grand Union Canal in Harefield I am spoilt with a magnificent vista of nature and water, birds, boats, dogs, walkers and occasionally nothing but itself. I just love Autumn colours and the falling of the leaves reveals the huge fishing lake beyond the trees.


Peekaboo (2013)
120 x 160 cm. Oil on canvas.
This huge canvas a singer friend of mine Victoria Francis from the folk band The Gypsy Fingers modeled in my studio. It was at a time before she went on tour. It was also at a time when I was recovering from an intense surgery. It is a playful inside outside space and has an air of timid questioning to me.

Storm (2014)
60 x 90 cm. Acrylic and gesso..
I love turner and whilst researching his paintings for a lecture I came across a picture that he painted just miles from my studio. So then I know that we shared some kind of the same input into our eyes. One very wet and grey day in my studio , this one arrived. Fast and furious and very grey with this one spot of red, some kind of life raft.

Zen and Butterfly (2013)
50 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas.
A sunny day of magical energy by the water outside my studio. The golden Buddha was radiating a zen energy as butterflies danced around the hollyhocks next to the sun bleached lawn. One of those perfect English summer days .

Hollyhock (2014)
50 x 40.5 cm. Oil on canvas
After a yoga retreat in India where my bed and dining table was refreshed daily with beautiful flowers I became far more concious of the centre of my flowers when I came home.

Man and Machine (2013)
150 x 120 cm. Acrylic, gesso on canvas
This painting symbolised the unique growth of our increasing dependency on computers. Or relationship with the screen is our most intimate. From as early as days old we are learning and interacting with a screen, then touch, talk, sight, sound the interdependence is astounding.



Titania (2010).
120 x 160 cm. Oil, acrylic and gesso
Finished on midsummers eve after a 4 month automatic painting period I returned to the painting daily in my studio at the time it was a dark basement in a hairdressers in Hampstead.
This painting was made spontaneously owner a period. Month. Each day I responded to feelings and the painting changed many times. The figure moved, changed colour, we struggled and responded together. Me, my mind and the paint. Titania was finished on midsummers eve and sold the same night . Several months passed, I was unwell and shockingly diagnosed with breast cancer. This painting was the story of my discovery. On examination the left breast like my own was weeping. Five years on I'm cured. The realisation of the power of art to discover truths and communicate on a far deeper intuitive level than I ever imagined.
• SOLD •

Swim (2013)
150 x 122 cm. Oil on canvas.
Acrylic on canvas
Unfinished. Work in progress. This one is going to take a radical turn very soon.

Ski holiday N.F.S. (2014)
60 x 60 cm. Oil on canvas.
I made this for my husband after a lovely ski holiday. It's our best kind of holiday as a family. We have so much fun and we are all happy at the same time for the same reason. It's a unique shared experience. Here I am in the middle with Jon and Newton.


Sleep Walker (2010).
120 cm x 160 cm, mixed media.
This was the original , happiness is its younger sister. The childlike quality was something I was trying to find before I started my art school for children, Mini Monets. Looking at it now I was Looking for my inner child to nurture and bring back home .


Still Life with fruit (2004). Commission.
120 cm x 160 cm, oil on canvas.
An American client asked me to make this for her husband's 50 th birthday. I wanted to make a quirky take on the bowl of fruit. He was an art lover and had spent time in Mexico and loved Tabasco. The chair was from portables road. It was painted in my flat in Hampstead .
• SOLD •


Eclipse 6 (2013).
120 cm x 160 cm, mixed media.
One of 6 of these paintings from my scratch series . There is an under painting which is only partly revealed. A layer of gesso covers the imaged and parts of revealed. Scratched away. Trying to reveal the meaning of what is underneath.

Ova Tree

BlossomTree (2012).
50 cm x 40 cm oval, oil on canvas.
From my garden at the studio. Every year this tree is a wash ofink for 3 weeks and I just love to capture its delicate beauty.

My Heart changed

My heart is forever changed (2013).
50 cm x 70 cm, oil on canvas.
This intimate scene of a woman at her dressing table preparing herself distracted my her iPhone.


The Wave (2013).
120 cm x 160 cm, acrylic, emulsion & plaster on canvas.
It feels as if you could just walk into the water and get carried away, the waves are divided into two a push pull of forces of gravity power and water. A dramatic relationship in constant flux. Symbolic of life between a husband and wife.


Face (2009).
30 cm x 40 cm, emulsion & charchol on paper. Framed.
This is part of a much larger series of paintings from Guatemala where I lived for a few months after New York in 2009. I attended an expat art group with writers and other artists in a beautiful part of the world, lake atitlan. I made so many paintings each one taking just 20 minutes painted expressively with emulsion paint on paper. The work was framed and exhibited at the galleria gallery in Panachel.